Website Design

Websites for Individuals and Small Businesses

We bring you the best of modern design and functionality using WordPress – the world’s most popular web design software. WordPress provides readymade themes, which designers then modify to suit the requirements of their clients.

The advantage of this system is that it brings down the cost of production – and it enables you, the site owner, to update and control your own site with no knowledge of code. You no longer have to pay a web designer each time you want to make a small change or add a new page.

Website pricing

Our mission is to bring attractive, professional websites within the reach of entrepreneurs, small businesses and startups on a limited budget. The cost of your site is determined by how many pages you need, what content goes on the pages, and how much customisation you want to get the look exactly right. As a rough guide, see our Starter, Medium and Full options below.

Design packages

How big is your website? How much customisation will you need? These options give you an idea of the possible costs:

Starter: One-page website with 3 sections – Intro, Service, About, Contact. Basic customisation. From R4 000.
Medium: Six pages – Home, About, Services x 3, Contact. Medium level of customisation. From R6 000.
Full: 10 + pages, high level of customisation and design: From R10 000.

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