On the 26th of March 2020, that the Communications Minister of South Africa issued a directive that ALL websites ending in .za must display a link to the official COVID-19 Corona Virus South African Resource Portal.

This link must be “visible”, and must be on the front page of the website.

No due date has been given for implementation, nor do we know if there will be penalties if website owners do not comply, but we do recommend that you consider placing a link on the front page of your website, if it ends in .za ( .co.za .org.za .ac.za etc)

We have chosen to upload one of the logos / banners available on sacoronavirus.co.za, and have linked to it from our home page.

You can find more information about this directive by reading this article on Business Insider or this one on MyBroadBand.

Need some help?
If you are a WebRabbit client, or have a WordPress website and need some assistance, we are offering the following update option for R380 (once-off):

  • upload banner to your website home page (footer area),
  • link the banner to sacoronavirus.co.za
  • remove it once this directive has fallen away.