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You’ve written a book, academic paper, training programme or corporate brochure – and now you want to publish it. But before you do that, you need to have the text edited. As writers, we tend to think that our own skills are enough to make sure our text is free of errors – but that’s where we’re wrong. With all the love and effort we’ve put into creating the content, our minds have become blind to the errors that our readers will surely find.

The editor is your first critical reader, and as such they will spot all those places where your text fails to shine in the way you intended it to. There are generally three levels of editing:


This is the lightest level of involvement and is suitable for the final check before the text is published. Proofing consists of a check for superficial errors such as misspelled words,  missing punctuation, extra paragraph breaks, incorrect formatting and any other gremlins that might have crept into the text. A proofread does not include any rephrasing of text unless the correction is a simple matter such as changing word order or breaking a long sentence into two. More substantial changes will simply be highlighted for your attention. A proofread alone, without any other editing, is only recommended if you are a strong writer and have thoroughly checked your text beforehand.

Copy editing

Copy editing is a more intensive process that involves looking at things like writing style, sentence flow, word repetition and overall structure. An edit can involve some rephrasing of passages and reworking of complex sentences to improve readability¬† or clarity of argument. After the copy edit, the text is returned to you to approve the changes and to attend to any other notes the editor has made. There might be a bit of going back and forth between you and the editor to get particular passages just right. The copy edit is often done with Word’s Track Changes feature activated so you can see exactly what has been changed.

Note that although a copy edit will correct typos and other basic errors, some mistakes will still slip through, and some new ones will probably also be created in the editing and approval process. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you also add a final proofread before publishing.

Developmental editing

Developmental editing is a more creative involvement where the editor takes on the role of a writing coach or even as a co-writer. Here, the editor will be involved much earlier in the writing process and will help you with things like book structure, plot outline and character development. A developmental editor will also be more hands-on in rewriting text that you’re not happy with or where you feel you’re not able to express your ideas clearly and powerfully. A developmental edit is recommended when you want more of a partnership in the writing process or when you have a great story to tell but you don’t feel your writing skills are quite up to the task. A developmental edit will include copy editing, but it won’t be enough to catch all the errors that slip through, so it is recommended you add a final proof edit just before publishing.

Proof edit

Per 1000 words
R100 - 150
  • Basic error checking on hard-copy printout before publishing

Developmental edit

Per 1000 words
  • All items included in Copy editing, plus
  • Rewriting
  • Writer coaching

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Russel Brownlee has been in the business of writing and editing since way back in the early 90s when he started out as a newswriter for SABC radio. Since then he has worked as a magazine sub-editor and an e-learning technical editor, and now works as a freelance writer, editor and life coach.

His love of writing eventually led him to publish an award-winning novel (Garden of the Plagues), which won the Olive Schreiner Prize for debut fiction and was shortlisted for the Sunday Times Literary Award. More recently he has self-published a nonfiction inspiration book called The Discovery of Causeless Joy, available on Amazon.

The book covers on this page are just some of the books he has either edited, proofed or written.

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