You have a dream to start a business or you want to take your existing business to a new level, but somehow you just can’t get going. Here is a way to coach yourself to success using a popular method called the GROW model.

An outline of the GROW coaching model

The GROW model

In coaching, we recognise that every problem consists of two things – a Goal we want to reach and Obstacles that stand in the way. Often, both goal and obstacles are not clearly defined, so we remain stuck in a problem state. This process takes you through defining goals and obstacles so that solutions and action steps become clear.

1. Goals

Put away all the objections and focus on what you want to achieve. Build a clear picture. Get excited. It’s very important that you give yourself the room to dream first, before you consider the reality and the obstacles. Get specific about what you want to achieve by defining measurable goals and the dates by which you want to achieve them. This part is about gaining clarity on what you really want (not what you think is possible).

2. Reality

Now check in with reality. What is your current situation in relation to your goals? What issues and obstacles come up? Don’t let them crash about in your head – get them out by writing them down. Define the Obstacles that stand in the way of your Goals.

3. Options

In this part of the process we look at our options for dealing with the obstacles. For example, if lack of money seems to be a problem, brainstorm how you could get funding or how you could start small in a way that doesn’t require much. Never let a self-limiting thought like “I don’t have enough money/education/talent” hold you back. This is just your fear talking, and that’s OK – fear is always going to be there whenever we face something new. Name the fear, and know that you are greater than it. Hold the firm conviction that there must be a way for your heart-felt vision to become reality.

4. Will

Commit to carrying out the actions your have identified as being necessary and which align with your inner values. Start with the smallest, easiest ones so you gain confidence and so you get the experience of your first small victories. The little burst of self-affirmation you get from completing your first task will give you the confidence to take on something bigger. Find friends and collaborators and share your talents. Make sure your heart and mind both align with whatever action steps you want to commit to. If you have to compromise your inner values to achieve your goals, then take another look at your goals and see if you can find ones that are more aligned with who you are. Then go through the GROW process again.

The key to success

The key to making this process work is to begin with your dream and its associated goals. Find out what you are really passionate about and what kind of product or service you would love to offer. Get excited about how the world will be better place because of your business. Many people censor themselves with reality before they ever get to dream, and so their plans never get off the ground. Dream first, and then let the energy of that dream guide you to the solutions and connections that make it possible. Where there is a dream, there is a way!


Russel Brownlee is a life coach and founder of WebRabbit.

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