WordPress Help

Getting to know your WebRabbit site

The great thing about your WebRabbit site is that you can update it yourself using some basic WordPress skills. You can add posts and pages, edit text, upload images, and more. These free WordPress tutorials will get you started.

Logging in and basic tasks

How to log in to your WordPress site

How to add new WordPress posts and pages

How to add images to WordPress posts and pages

Other cool and necessary WordPress stuff

How to make a new Page show up on your Navigation Bar

How to add a submenu in the Navigation Bar

How to add a Blog to your WordPress site

Email setup

How to add your new email address to your desktop email application

 Quick tasks

[fourcol_one]Check website statistics[/fourcol_one] [fourcol_three_last]Log in to the Dashboard. In the Dashboard column, near the top, select Jetpack – Site Stats.[/fourcol_three_last]


[fourcol_one]Change your password[/fourcol_one] [fourcol_three_last]1) Log in in to the Dashboard. 2) In the Dashboard column, click the Users category and select Your profile. 3) Scroll down the Profile page to the New Password section and type in a new password in the two boxes provided. 5) Click the Update Profile button[/fourcol_three_last]